Review // Antebellum

Shamelessly riding the coattails of Get Out’s success by evoking social discourse through horror, Antebellum is unfortunately more of a horrific mess than anything else. The initial premise of a Civil War era slave named Eden (Janelle Monae) with a dreamlike connection to a woman in the future named Veronica, a successful author and activist … Continue reading Review // Antebellum

Review // US

Writer and Director Jordan Peele goes two for two in original modern horrors with black humour, dread and jump scares. Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) and her husband Gabe (Winston Duke) are vacationing with their children Jason (Evan Alex) and Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph) in Santa Cruz, alongside wealthier friends the Tylers (Elizabeth Moss and Tim … Continue reading Review // US

Feature // Year in Review: 2018

Illustration by Thomas Durham. The year began with The Shape of Water and ended with the cinematic debut of Aquaman while in-between was a veritable ocean of variously challenging, unconventional, intelligent and rousingly entertaining features – plus the floating turd of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The convergence of the global media landscape continued apace as … Continue reading Feature // Year in Review: 2018

Review // Sorry To Bother You

Eleven months since its Sundance Festival debut, the audaciously high-concept comedy Sorry To Bother You – written and directed by progressive rapper Boots Riley in his feature film debut – has finally arrived in the UK, capping off a banner year for black filmmakers after Jordan Peele’s Oscar win for Get Out, and the phenomenal … Continue reading Review // Sorry To Bother You

Review // Hereditary

A few months ago, I was watching the trailers before a screening and one of them was for the horror flick Truth or Dare (Jeff Wadlow, 2018), yet another retread of the hoary genre formula where a group of nubile teens are picked off one by one by sinister and supernatural forces, only this time … Continue reading Review // Hereditary