Feature // The Jackass Legacy

ILLUSTRATION BY THOMAS DURHAM As today marks the tenth anniversary of Jackass 3, we examine the history of an unlikely and chaotic franchise. It’s a little known fact that the Jackass team were actually brought together as journalists long before they flew downhill in a giant shopping cart together. As regular and guest writers for … Continue reading Feature // The Jackass Legacy

Feature // American Psycho: 20 Years On

While plenty films have brought viewers into the destructive and disturbing minds of psychopaths over the years, none since have done it quite like Mary Harron’s American Psycho did back in 2000. Cinema's serial killers and psychopaths both fictional and real are generally motivated by bad upbringings or their displeasures with society - but that’s … Continue reading Feature // American Psycho: 20 Years On

Feature // 5 Great Books Not Yet Made Into Films

Illustration by Thomas Durham A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole. An absolutely riotous picaresque comedy whose publication and success were to be in tragic circumstances. One of the biggest issues of an adaptation lies within casting the infamous Ignatius Reilly, protagonist and southern behemoth of a man. Ignatius is a middle aged, over-educated and … Continue reading Feature // 5 Great Books Not Yet Made Into Films

Feature // In Defence Of: The Phantom Menace

Illustration by Thomas Durham 1999’s Star Wars: The Phantom Menace once held the title as the most anticipated film of a generation. Sixteen long-awaited years after Return of the Jedi plus leaps and bounds in special effects, yet it was ravaged by critics upon release. But did it ever really stand a chance? The Phantom Menace is one … Continue reading Feature // In Defence Of: The Phantom Menace

Feature // Year in Review: 2018

Illustration by Thomas Durham. The year began with The Shape of Water and ended with the cinematic debut of Aquaman while in-between was a veritable ocean of variously challenging, unconventional, intelligent and rousingly entertaining features – plus the floating turd of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The convergence of the global media landscape continued apace as … Continue reading Feature // Year in Review: 2018

Feature // 50 Years of Zombies

Illustration by Thomas Durham. Ah October, the month when horror is under the spotlight and everyone is searching for something scary to watch. This October however, is a little more special, marking the 50th anniversary of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead. So much more than just another movie anniversary, this film is a landmark … Continue reading Feature // 50 Years of Zombies

Feature // 25 Years at the Top: Pixar’s Animated Dynasty

Illustration by Thomas Durham As the curtain falls on Incredibles 2's summer dominance, we examine how Pixar has spent a quarter of a century at the top. Everyone has their favourite childhood films, not all of which are necessarily good. While nostalgia may reign supreme for the likes of Pokemon: The Movie and a future … Continue reading Feature // 25 Years at the Top: Pixar’s Animated Dynasty