Review // City Hall

Over the course of more than four and a half hours, acclaimed documentarian Frederick Wiseman gives an insight into the everyday workings of one of the most important cities in America. Shot sporadically between 2018 and 2019, Wiseman’s camera is a fly on the wall for innumerable forms of public meeting. From budget summaries, public … Continue reading Review // City Hall

Feature // The Jackass Legacy

ILLUSTRATION BY THOMAS DURHAM As today marks the tenth anniversary of Jackass 3, we examine the history of an unlikely and chaotic franchise. It’s a little known fact that the Jackass team were actually brought together as journalists long before they flew downhill in a giant shopping cart together. As regular and guest writers for … Continue reading Feature // The Jackass Legacy

Review // Ad Astra

The search for truth on an astronomical scale, James Gray's space epic is a thought provoking deep dive into expectation and self determination. Gray's last film, The Lost City of Z, followed explorer Percy Fawcett's 1925 expedition into Amazonia in a part originally written with Brad Pitt in mind. In Ad Astra he finally takes Gray's lead … Continue reading Review // Ad Astra

Feature // 5 Great Books Not Yet Made Into Films

Illustration by Thomas Durham A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole. An absolutely riotous picaresque comedy whose publication and success were to be in tragic circumstances. One of the biggest issues of an adaptation lies within casting the infamous Ignatius Reilly, protagonist and southern behemoth of a man. Ignatius is a middle aged, over-educated and … Continue reading Feature // 5 Great Books Not Yet Made Into Films

Review // Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

A ride in the back of a classic car, soaking up the sun and casual sin of 1969 L.A is the aim for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but true to form, that particular road is neither straightforward or well travelled in the world of Quentin Tarantino. The hotly anticipated and first Tarantino film … Continue reading Review // Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Review // Mid90s

Mid90s has been something of a polygraph test for its first time director, Jonah Hill. The skateboarding world, ever critical of those who exploit it (particularly on financial grounds) has waited patiently to find out whether Hill is cashing in on a fashionable culture, or a genuine insider. The results would suggest Hill was indeed part … Continue reading Review // Mid90s

Feature // In Defence Of: The Phantom Menace

Illustration by Thomas Durham 1999’s Star Wars: The Phantom Menace once held the title as the most anticipated film of a generation. Sixteen long-awaited years after Return of the Jedi plus leaps and bounds in special effects, yet it was ravaged by critics upon release. But did it ever really stand a chance? The Phantom Menace is one … Continue reading Feature // In Defence Of: The Phantom Menace

Review // Can You Ever Forgive Me?

With a double header of Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor nominations at the upcoming BAFTAs and Oscars, Can You Ever Forgive Me? features a wonderful against-type Melissa McCarthy and a never better Richard E. Grant, thick as thieves in their shady dealings of forged celebrity correspondence. Based on Israel's 2008 memoir, Marielle Heller (Transparent) directs … Continue reading Review // Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Review // The Front Runner

For a presidential sure-thing, Gary Hart is not a particularly well or fondly remembered name. In the race for democratic nomination in 1988, Hart spectacularly fell from grace - the true story of Jason Reitman’s new political thriller, The Front Runner. For those that don’t remember, Hart’s presidential run was cut short when The Miami … Continue reading Review // The Front Runner

Review // First Man

When Neil Armstrong passed away in 2012, the entire world mourned the death of its first lunar citizen and paused to reflect on one of the most remarkable human beings to ever live. In that moment, the film industry instinctively began to make moves to remind the world of the story that defined the 20th … Continue reading Review // First Man